British Columbia, Canada

Bodies of water - coastal

Against the dramatic backdrop of mountains we find numerous bodies of water that are ultimately connected to the Pacific Ocean. These bodies of water are subject to the cleansing effects of a twice daily cycle of tides having a differential of up to 15 feet between tides.

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The Strait of Georgia

The Strait of Georgia forms the western boundary of the Lower Mainland. It runs somewhat north south between the Lower Mainland / Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.

1 - Tsawwassen BC Ferries
Terminal at Roberts Bank and
the Strait of Georgia
2 - Burrard Inlet and Georgia
Strait from West Vancouver
3 - UBC on the westernmost
tip of Vancouver

Howe Sound

Connected to the Strait of Georgia by Queen Charlotte Channel Howe Sound extends north all the way to Squamish. The "Sea to Sky Highway" to Whistler and Pemberton runs along its eastern shore.
4 - Queen Charlotte Channel
connecting Howe Sound and
the Strait of Geogia
5 - Queen Charlotte Channel
West Vancouver on the right
6 - Howe Sound and
part of Gambier Island
7 - Howe Sound, BC Ferry coming
into Horseshoe Bay, Anvil Island
8 - Howe Sound and signature
hole at Furry Creek GC
9 - Howe Sound, West Vancouver
and Horseshoe Bay on right
Whytecliff Park in
left foreground
10 - Howe Sound views from ridge
of mountains on the right in
image #9
11 - Howe Sound views from ridge
of mountains on the right in
image #9
12 - Howe Sound views from ridge
of mountains on the right in
image #9

Burrard Inlet

Burrard Inlet is generally considered the body of water extending from the Lions Gate Bridge on the west to Port Moody on the east. At Deep Cove Indian Arm joins the inlet from the north.
13 - Second Narrows Bridge from
Capitol Hill
14 - Lion Gate and Second
Narrows Bridges at dawn
15 - Port of Vancouver, Burnaby's
Metrotown in distance
16 - North Vancouver
17 - Vancouver from Lonsdale
Quay in North Vancouver
18 - Downtown North Vancouver
19 - Port of Vancouver
20 - Port of Vancouver
21 - Viewing cruise ship
22 - North Vancouver
23 - View from Burnaby Mountain
24 - Eastern end of Burrard
inlet at Port Moody

Indian Arm

Indian Arm is a body of water extending north from Burrard Inlet somewhat parallel to Howe Sound.
25 - Entrance to Indian Arm
Deep Cove on left
26 - Entrance to Indian Arm
27 - Entrance to Indian Arm
at dawn
28 - Entrance to Indian Arm
29 - Entrance to Indian Arm
30 - Entrance to Indian Arm

English Bay

English Bay is that body of water between the north shore mountains and the western peninsula of the City of Vancouver (West Side, Point Grey, UBC). It is the most extensively used year round for recreational purposes. On its shores are numerous beaches, many parks including Stanley Park and Vanier Park, many marinas and recreational facilities.
31- All of English Bay as
seen from West Vancouver
32 - English Bay Beach
West End
33 - English Bay Beach
West End
34 - downtown from Spanish Banks
35 - Jericho Beach
previously Jerry's Cove
36 - downtown from Jericho
37 - Regatta
38 - Dragon boat at sunset
39 - Storm wave action
at the Seawall

False Creek

The eastern end of English Bay where the Burrard and Granville Bridges connect the Downtown to its southern neighbourhoods is the beginning of False Creek. It has a somewhat curved path that brings it close to Burrard Inlet on the eastern side of Downtown almost cutting it off. At earlier times smaller streams and creeks actually did connect to the inlet.
40 - Entrance to False Creek
Burrard Street bridge
41 - Entrance to False Creek
Granville Island on left
42 - False Creek
sheltered waters
43 - False Creek south side
44 - False Creek
boater's haven
45 - False Creek north side

Boundary, Mud and Semiahmoo Bays

This group of bays is formed by the peninsula on which Tsawwassen on the Canadian side and point Roberts on the US side are Situated. This peninsula forms the western side of the bays while the communities of White Rock and Crescent Beach form the east side.
46 - White Rock beach
Semiahmoo Bay
47 - White Rock beach and pier
Semiahmoo Bay
48 - Crescent Beach, Mud Bay
49 - Crescent Beach, Mud Bay
50 - Semiahmoo Bay & Mt Baker

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