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Websites of exceptional value

The following list of websites, which will be added to regularly, provide a wealth of information on Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and BC in general, from a variety of perspectives.

The official site for the City of Vancouver

The official site for the City of Vancouver Parks Board

Author Chuck Davis is in the process of compiling a
history of Metropolitan Vancouver for his next book.
If this is your field of interest be prepared to spend
a lot of time going through the marvelous results of his
research that he has placed on this website.
Chuck and his book "The Greater Vancouver Book"
played a significant role in inspiring me to embark
on building my websites celebrating Vancouver.

For more historical infomation on Vancouver
here is the link to the city archives.

This website is very useful for locating
government, business and visitor information
on communities in the Fraser Valley.
I use this site constantly to stay informed on
activities in and info about the valley.

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