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The site now known as VanDusen Botanical Garden was previously home to the Shaughnessy Golf Club from 1911 to 1960 after which the golf club moved to a new location. As a result of public interest and action from a dedicated coalition of citizens' groups 55 acres were set aside for a botanical garden. As a result of a donation 0f $1 million by W.J. VanDusen (in addition to equal funding by the provincial and federal governments) the park was named after him.

Actual work started in 1971 and the gardens were opened officially in 1975. Since its opening VanDusen Gardens has become a botanical garden of international stature and a source of pride to the residents of Vancouver especially those with green thumbs. The relationship with the community at large is nurtured by many events involving the public of which the major ones are the "annual plant sale"in April and the "Vancouver Garden Show" in June.

A mild climate in the southwestern corner of BC allows for an interesting visit any time of the year. The plant collection contains over 11,000 different kinds from six continents. The layout of the grounds features displays in unique landscape settings. Expect to spend anywhere between 2 - 4 hours to truly experience what this location has to offer.

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Views of the grounds part 1
Views of the grounds part 2

Floral Scenics part 1
Floral Scenics part 2

Floral Scenics part 3

Floral Studies part 1
Floral Studies part 2

Fall Scenics part 1
Fall Scenics Part 2

Vandusen 2005 Garden Show - photographs by Inga Groberman

Garden Show 2005 part 1
Garden Show 2005 part 2

Vandusen 2005 Garden Show - photographs by Maurice Jassak

Garden Show 2005 part 1

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