Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal

includes Pan Pacific Hotel and The Vancouver Trade and Convention Center

Ballantyne Pier Cruise Ship Terminal

Port of Vancouver

Vancouver - British Columbia - Canada

Vancouver is the terminal for Alaska Cruises. The sight of these massive gaily decorated floating playgrounds either going out or coming back from cruises lasting from less than a week to several weeks in length is an impressive sight. Wherever there is a viewpoint a group of cruise ship watchers accessorized with binoculars and cameras eagerly anticipate their passing by. On a good day up to 3-4 may follow each other within the space of an hour or two. The usual schedule involves an early arrival, change of passengers and a departure by late afternoon on the same day. There is hardly a day between May 1 and mid October without some cruise ship traffic.

These pages will provide information of a visual nature on various aspects related to the cruise ship experience. The primary terminal Canada Place is also the location of the Pan Pacific Hotel and the Vancouver Trade and Convention Center. Somewhat removed (about 1 mile) is the Secondary Terminal, Ballantyne Pier. Images of the cruise ships that operated during the 2001 season as well as a collection from prior years is included. For those that may be interested an overview of the Port of Vancouver shows the various non cruise commercial and industrial activities in Canada's busiest port.

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Canada Place
Cruise Ships at Canada Place

Cruise ships 2001 season
Cruise ships prior seasons
Cruise ship watching viewpoints

Bon Voyage
Ship details

Views from the North Shore
by Inga
Other Visiting Vessels

Port of Vancouver
Port Activity

Ballantyne Pier

The following Alaska Cruise images are provided by Inga Groberman

Images from an Alaska Cruise
sea portion
Images from an Alaska Cruise
land portion

Links related to cruise ships and Port of Vancouver - also contains cruise ship schedule for 2004

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