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The Yaletown part of downtown Vancouver underwent a major transformation after Expo86 (1986). Prior to Expo86 it was a combination of semi-industrial and commercial establishments. Mainly several blocks of warehouses with lots of loading docks along the cramped streets. This was the result of close access to False Creek and Granville Island. In the earlier years of the 1900's this was the industrial part of Vancouver making extensive use of water and rail transport in the area.
After Expo86 when most of the fair structures were removed a new perspective of the cleared land emerged. With many of the industrial and commercial aspects having moved to other areas Yaletown and the north side of False Creek became the focus of development for residential purposes which resulted in the combination of heritage style condos and modernistic residential towers.

Geography - Location and area

Yaletown is somewhat physically separate from the area bordering the northern shoreline of False Creek. They are divided by Expo Boulevard. The traditional Yaletown is West of Expo Boulevard to Homer Street, from Nelson Street on the North to Drake Street on the South. Any development between Expo/Pacific along the actual shoreline of False Creek is considered to be False Creek North. Some people consider this whole area to be Yaletown. Both views have merit.

Population and Social Demographics

The traditional part of Yaletown is populated by individuals who consider themselves to be trendy and generally upwardly mobile. The greater part of this population is made up of entrepreneurs and professionals involved in modern technologies. There are fewer (%) families in this particular section of the area.
Along the shoreline more families are to be found occupying the various towers and lowrise developments along with the mix mentioned previously. The big attraction is of course the ability to be able to live and work in the downtown area. In many cases walking to work is a viable option.

Commercial Business Demographics

The majority (80%) of commercial/business establishments exist to serve the resident population. Those that are most likely to attract out of area customers are mainly resturants and niche services not found in the West End and other nearby downtown locations.

Services - Education - Health - Recreation

All the services required to support this residential community are within walking distance. This includes medical and dental clinics (2 major hospitals are only minutes away by car- St Pauls and VGH), banking, business support, postal outlets and more.
In the newer area can be found the Seawall, parks, playgrounds, a major community centre (Roundhouse), a grade school and daycare facilities.
Transit requirements are served by community shuttles on a frequent schedule connectiing to all major parts of downtown via transfers to main line buses and a skytain station can be found in the middle of the community.

Real Estate - Housing types/styles - Architecture

The traditional part of Yaletown is made up almost exclusively of heritage structures that have been converted to business, commercial and residential purposes. All buidings outside of this older section are newly built towers and adjacent lowrise residential properties.

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